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Updated 10/10/97

Most people get Primenet or the Primenet test challenge up and running quickly, but occasionally, subtle things can cause it to fail, or sometimes Prime95 seems to be running but it does not appear to be working correctly.

Please check the list of fixed problem symptoms, and if your problem is listed, you should download and update your software with the latest build. Usually this simply involves stopping the software, replacing the files, and restarting it. Any other actions are described with the appropriate problem resolution, below.

Feel free to contact me via e-mail for help, and tell me what you notice is not right. It's best if you can also tell me the software build date and include your Prime95.ini and Primenet.ini files. Suggestions, runtime problems & ideas are also welcome - all e-mails receive replies.

- Scott

Primenet Parallel Test Challenge

The Prime95 test programs are working great! Several times daily the Internet Prime Server assigns and collects results from Prime95 test programs all over the world!

There are a few, however, that are running older versions of the primenet.dll software that have since been found to contain problems fixed in the latest version of the software.

Please check the fixed problems list, below, for more information on upgrading your primenet.dll file and sending in outstanding test results.

Anything helpful you send me will be added here if not directly integrated into the installation and configuration instructions. Much of this material is assembled from problems and resolutions learned to remedy them. It's like a bug list and functional constraints list I put together from several people using Primenet for parallel tests of up to 17 clients. Most Primenet users started around 2 or 3 clients and a server (maybe one on the server itself), ensured it was working, and then added more clients - to about 16.

If you e-mail a question or a problem report, please include the build version of Primenet you are using.

Known or Fixed Software Problems

Primenet Network Operating Tips